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Who is Garden Barn?2021-02-03T15:43:20+00:00

Garden Barn is a leading importer & distributor of world-known design-oriented brands for retail and hospitality in the Philippine market.

So, what is Garden Barn HORECA & Projects Gallery?2017-06-26T11:29:26+00:00

Garden Barn HORECA & Projects Gallery is the Business to Business sector of Garden Barn, which caters to clients such as 4-5 star casinos, hotels/resorts, serviced apartments, casual & fine dining restaurants, country clubs, corporate offices, shopping malls, hospitals, catering, interior designers and other institutions in the Philippine market.

What does HORECA mean?2017-06-26T11:30:13+00:00

HORECA is an abbreviation referring to Hotels, Restaurants, Catering.

What items do Garden Barn HORECA & Projects carry?2017-06-26T11:35:33+00:00

Distributing over 50 world-known brands, Garden Barn HORECA & Projects houses items ranging from cutlery to decor, tableware, glassware, housekeeping, holloware, kitchen, interior, furniture, lighting, knives and linen.

Where is the showroom located?2017-07-31T23:14:58+00:00

You may visit Garden Barn HORECA & Projects Gallery at 2100 Don Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Makati City, Philippines.

Alternatively, you may search Garden Barn HORECA & Projects Gallery over Google or Waze, or through the links below:

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When can I visit the showroom?2017-07-31T23:13:32+00:00

The showroom is open from Monday to Saturday, except Holidays.

Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 6 PM
Saturday – 10 AM to 5 PM

How do I set an appointment?2017-06-26T11:30:55+00:00

Kindly accomplish this form.

How can I get in touch with Garden Barn HORECA & Projects Gallery?2017-07-07T06:32:08+00:00

You may send an email to or call us at (632) 816-36-17.

Do you allow provincial shipments?2017-06-26T11:36:16+00:00

We allow provincial shipments provided that shipping costs are shouldered by the client.

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